Home Cinema Installation

Experience cinema-quality films without leaving your home

There’s nothing quite like watching the latest blockbuster on a big screen, with the lights dimmed and your favourite snack. And, thanks to the latest developments in 4K graphics and Surround Sound, you can get that unique cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.

At MiETS, we’ve installed home cinema systems for more than 10 years, working with everyone from homeowners and architects to engineers and interior designers, delivering professional-level AV in homes across the UK.

By taking a collaborative approach, we craft bespoke home AV solutions that match your needs and budget, suggesting hardware and systems that deliver a breathtaking home cinema experience.

Multi-Room Audio & Video Installation

Whether you’re throwing a party, or simply want to move between rooms without disrupting your entertainment experience, a multi-room audio or video system is for you.

With years of experience installing multi-room AV systems, our engineers allow you to stream your favourite playlists, podcasts and films throughout your home without compromising on quality. And because we take pride in a job well done, we’ll make sure cables are hidden and speakers are discreetly installed in walls and ceilings, to achieve the ultimate finish.

Kaleidescape UK Partners

Although we’re independent installers, we work closely with some of the world’s biggest names in technology to bring you the very best in home AV.

As a Kaleidescape partner, we can install the company’s award-winning movie players and servers. Renowned for delivering consistently high-quality audio and visuals, you can watch the latest blockbusters from the Kaleidescape Movie Store on a big screen around your home or yacht.

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